Saturday, September 9, 2017

This is love, for sure

There are a lot of time I am questioning myself,
What is love?

Years after years, after all the people I met,
after all the experiences I have been go through...
It becomes clearer and clearer to me.
I know, there's always him, in my mind and in my heart.
And it's only him, the one who makes my heart skips a beat everytime we meet.
Nobody else.

Only him, who could bring me the most happiness I could never imagine.
Only be with him, I feel the safest.
And only to him, I could be just myself, telling him whatever it comes in my mind.

I love him, very very much.
Sadly, life doesn't always granted you what you want the most.
And I accept the fact the way it is.

Thank you T for showing me what the love is.
And I'll be loving you every single day till forever and ever.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I Still Believe

5 months gone...
Again, time is flashing really fast.

I start over my new life,
a new life without him.
I start to meet new people, going out and doing stuff.
And everytime I test my feeling if it's real.
And everytime it fails me. The feeling, the heart beat, it just never happen again anymore...

I asked myself if there's something wrong about me?

And I dig in and dig in to find the truth and realise...
Except being more rationale, nothing else has changed me.
It's just the one, the right one is never appear again since then.

Aside the age I am carrying, I know it completely who are the one I am searching for.
The only one I am willing to risk everything again, just for him.
The only one that put me on the ride of the roller coaster again with all the bitter sweet moments.
And the only one whose hugs and kisses could melt my heart uncontrollably.

Even so...
I still believe.
Believing the fate and destiny will finally bring him to me.

Until then, I will be waiting patiently over here,
and dreaming...

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


How do I conclude what was happened last night?
All the coincidences, the familiar face, the familiar hug and touch.
What was it?

I am confused.
A feeling that I couldn't even tell what is it.
It's a totally complicated.

Do I still care about him?
Yes I do.

Do I still want to go a bit further again towards him?
I guess no.

Do I miss him?
Yes, very much.

That's enough. I am completely lost.

Thursday, June 29, 2017







Monday, April 17, 2017

2017的告白 。我想你










Sunday, April 9, 2017

What would we become?

When days become months,
and months become years,
I am afraid...
I am afraid that your face, your voice and everything about you will become blurry enough for me.
The harder I try to remember the feelings I have towards you, the more I lost it.

"That's it?" I always question myself.
Why is it everytime when I look at our pictures together, everytime when I think of you, my tears are still dropping non-stoply?
Why is it I am still worrying about you, if you have been good.

You have been a bad guy for me.
Though sometimes I have been moved by your gentle cares and thoughts. I admire alot of how persistent you are towards your dreams, and the spirit of giving out your best for every jobs and projects we have.

I really miss you, and I really want to see you.
However, I know, I will never look at you the same way I did before.
As long as the hurt is there, I would never able to talk to you the same way before.

What would we become soon?
The terrifying answer that's haunted me is -- A stranger.

Friday, April 7, 2017

The Hate and Love

The hate and love,
it's just a line difference.

How lovely the love,
and it will be how deeply the hate.

Perhaps, I just wanna complete the last "thing" i am doing it for you,
way before the hates conquer my heart and my mind.

Perhaps, I just wish that, in the last "gift" we can only see the loves.
And let the undone love remains just a dream,
that we can only think about it many many years later.