Monday, February 12, 2018

Tell me that's LOVE

What afraid me the most lately is...
I could never feel love again anymore.

Been single for a while.
Passionately and hopefully to finally meet the Mr. Right.

Options are always there, but would there be someone fits me well?

What I am afraid of is...
Nothing lasts, not even a longer while.

When feeling fades, time goes by,
will love still exists?

I love you, you love her, and she loves someone else.
Is there ever an equation where 0.5 + 0.5 = 1 ?

I am not rushing for any relationship, not a marriage, not even a family yet.
I am wishing a right guy, a true love and a perfect timing.

I need a promise that never break,
no matter what, no matter how.

Love me as I worth all of your affections and cares.
Take me as who I may.
And kiss me and hug me endlessly as tomorrow will never come.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A man with story

I met a French guy last weekend.
It was a chilling and cloudy Saturday morning...

Over the brunch, he told me a story of him and his girlfriend.
He said, " I lost my girlfriend."
I thought he was broken up with his girlfriend lately. I thought this was what he wanted to bring out to me.
And then he continued, " She died few weeks ago due to cancer."

To me, from the first impression of him, he was like an ordinary playboy style young guy.
But from the way he told the saddest story, and the way he treated his girlfriend and how he came out from the ordinary French playboy to a more responsible and caring sweetheart,
honestly I am impressed.
And at the same time i felt terribly sorry for him and his girlfriend. They were meant for each other and yet they didn't make it to the last.

I was more than once questioning myself about love.
I was almost dropped the faith in love and stopped believing.
But what love is, to him, he made his own perfect love story.
It did not meant that they don't fight, he don't cheat.
But the loving heart that put them back together again and again,
and both they grown.

Their love story is fascinating.
His positive attitude after the death of his girlfriend is just amazing.

For a really long while I was drowned into the sadness of lost.
And he smiled to me, pat my head and said, "I'm okay."

That Saturday afternoon, I was really sad.
However, it was a memorable Saturday afternoon.
I learned to be tougher.
I learned to dance in the rain.

That Saturday afternoon, I met this young charming French guy - Adrian.
A man with a fascinating story.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

This is love, for sure

There are a lot of time I am questioning myself,
What is love?

Years after years, after all the people I met,
after all the experiences I have been go through...
It becomes clearer and clearer to me.
I know, there's always him, in my mind and in my heart.
And it's only him, the one who makes my heart skips a beat everytime we meet.
Nobody else.

Only him, who could bring me the most happiness I could never imagine.
Only be with him, I feel the safest.
And only to him, I could be just myself, telling him whatever it comes in my mind.

I love him, very very much.
Sadly, life doesn't always granted you what you want the most.
And I accept the fact the way it is.

Thank you T for showing me what the love is.
And I'll be loving you every single day till forever and ever.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I Still Believe

5 months gone...
Again, time is flashing really fast.

I start over my new life,
a new life without him.
I start to meet new people, going out and doing stuff.
And everytime I test my feeling if it's real.
And everytime it fails me. The feeling, the heart beat, it just never happen again anymore...

I asked myself if there's something wrong about me?

And I dig in and dig in to find the truth and realise...
Except being more rationale, nothing else has changed me.
It's just the one, the right one is never appear again since then.

Aside the age I am carrying, I know it completely who are the one I am searching for.
The only one I am willing to risk everything again, just for him.
The only one that put me on the ride of the roller coaster again with all the bitter sweet moments.
And the only one whose hugs and kisses could melt my heart uncontrollably.

Even so...
I still believe.
Believing the fate and destiny will finally bring him to me.

Until then, I will be waiting patiently over here,
and dreaming...

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


How do I conclude what was happened last night?
All the coincidences, the familiar face, the familiar hug and touch.
What was it?

I am confused.
A feeling that I couldn't even tell what is it.
It's a totally complicated.

Do I still care about him?
Yes I do.

Do I still want to go a bit further again towards him?
I guess no.

Do I miss him?
Yes, very much.

That's enough. I am completely lost.

Thursday, June 29, 2017







Monday, April 17, 2017

2017的告白 。我想你